Sustainable Development Audit & CSR

What is ISO 26000 ?

ISO 26000 is the only international standard on social responsibility of organizations, i.e. the principles of sustainable development for organizations. Published on the 1 November 2010, it was approved by 93% of the member countries of ISO, including China.

It aims to provide guidelines for social responsibility by describing the principles and themes it covers, and proposes a method of appropriation and implementation into the organization. It provides an international framework to conduct any type of organization, whatever its size and areas of action. The standard is not a certifiable management system because it does not make requirements that can be certified, but rather ways to progress.

It is a voluntary standard that invites organizations to articulate their approach around 7 questions:

  • Governance  of the organization
  • Human Rights through the identification of risks
  • Labour Law
  • Ethical practices
  • Consumer Relations
  • Community relations

The economic dimension is itself considered as transverse and must to be integrated in each of the 7 questions to address liability issues. Social responsibility is the organizations’ contribution to sustainable development: it reflects the will of the organization to assume responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and on the environment, and to account.

Why to engage a company in a socially responsible approach ?

This is an improvement process which is part of an overall research performance of the organization. It grows to question the practices of organizations that engage in it (risk reduction, quality of social dialogue, report of the organization and its territory, attractiveness for future employees, improving relations with companies, suppliers, productivity …) and encouraged to work differently. The organization is basically included in our society. She can’t live in isolation and remain indifferent to the economic, social or environmental problems. The ISO 26000 approach can be a powerful lever of growth for the organization: new customers, new markets.

source : AFNOR

What is the SD 21000 guideline ?

SD 21000 is a French guide on sustainable development management for companies. It is for all companies regardless of industry or size. The guide explains the interest of sustainable development for a company and offers a system of management to implement. It provides companies assistance with the initial consideration for sustainable development in developing their policies and strategies.

SD 21000 is not a certifiable standard but a tool to implement a sustainable development approach. It is a document that helps companies develop a sustainable development project.

Thus, the initial diagnosis suggested by the SD 21000 allows us to identify the most significant issues in relation to your company regarding 34 issues of Sustainable Development. By prioritizing these issues, we plot the performance of your company and we develop an operational action plan for sustainable development based on your strategy, your policies and objectives.

We can also assist you in deploying an effective and operational implementation of the action plan for Sustainable Development.

Our service

The diagnosis is the starting point to take action by being pragmatic, with appropriate and realistic progress targets. The engineering consulting firm CarboneTex help you to improve your company from the perspective of sustainable development based on the SD 21000 and ISO 26000.

Following an pragmatic inventory of your company, we provide coaching on strategic thinking to:

  • Identify critical issues of your business
  • Develop relevant and achievable action plan
  • Implement an improvement process through powerful tools and easy to use.

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