Environmental Labelling


The environmental labellinf forproducts is part of the commitments of the french Grenelle de l’Environnement and is a general principle of consumer information. The Grenelle II law, adopted on July 2010, provides that the consumer must be informed of the environmental impact of goods they buy. The practical modalities of its implementation are currently under discussion within working groups coordinated by ADEME and AFNOR.

CarboneTex is participating in the Working Group No. 5 (GT5) to develop the environmental labelling on textiles and clothing  products from the guide BP X30-323. This guide provides a set of best practices to harmonize the methods of preparation of the display of the environmental labelling of products.

What is the environmental display?

What is the Environmental Labelling for products ?

According to an Eurobarometer survey, 75% of Europeans say they are ready to buy green products even if they are more expensive. For that, it’s also necessary that the consumer has a reliable and easily understandable for him to identify environmentally responsible products. Thus the goal sought by the environmental labelling.

The consumer will, after 2012, be informed of the carbon content and other environmental impacts attributable to “product & packaging” during their life cycle. Specifically, for each product and packaging, it will indicate their carbon footprint and any other pertinent information for the consumer.

For textile products, must indicate :

  • greenhouse gases emissions (CO2)
  • water consumption
  • water eutrophication

Currently in France, the environmental labelling is in an experimental phase until July 2012. Generalization will be after that date. The implementation modalities will be defined by decree for each product category.

Since 2009, large retailers such as Auchan and Casino are already experimenting with the environmental labelling of their products.

CarboneTex is participating in the work on textiles and garments, and is therefore well placed to assist you in implementing the environmental labelling for your products. Take the opportunity to view this as a competitive factor for your products.

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